AMS Inc. is known for high-quality architectural cast stone elements, superior designs, and excellent customer service. We pledge to "give our clients more than they expect."

AMS Inc. offers a variety of custom molding, cast stone / plaster mantels, and other ornamental designs for your consideration. Our product offering has a variety of architectural features, molding styles, and detailing. We are confident you can find just the right architectural cast stone or plaster elements to fit your home.

We have designed cast stone entries, dining rooms, and window treatments for many residential projects around the country and would like the opportunity to work with you to accentuate living spaces that you will enjoy, too.

Whether your project is the entire front elevation, a gazebo, or a library, we will work with you to add that finishing touch to your plans that suits your needs and fulfills your wishes.

Sam ShipleyFounder / CEO

American Masonry Supply founder, Mr. Sam Shipley, instills the highest standards of quality in both his employees and products. His success is derived from his extraordinary ability to conceptualize and visualize picturesque architectural cast stone and plaster designs which have set him and his company apart from other cast stone companies.

Coming from the home building industry, Mr. Shipley understands the unique requirements of architects, designers, general contractors, and homeowners. Therefore, he requires that each project be handled with a sense of urgency and that American Masonry Supply, Inc. delivers the highest quality cast stone, plaster or resin designs.



Bill WelwoodVice President / General Manager

Bill Welwood is a native of Dallas, Texas and grew up in the world of home builders. Bill’s father was a builder in the Dallas area in the 1960’s and his mother was an interior designer, so he also acquired a strong background in design and architectural correctness. Bill and and his wife Liz have two children Travis and Kimberly.

As a home builder himself, Bill used to order cast stone products for his projects from American Masonry Supply, Inc., so he was familiar with their quality first hand. He worked for a large sized home builder in the area that helped him develop his skills as a project manager of large scale and simultaneous projects.

Bill came onboard with American Masonry Supply in 2003.

"It helps to have that kind of experience as a builder and a manager – you already know their needs and have an idea of what’s going on in their thought processes. You understand the urgency involved."

From his youth, Bill has loved architecture and the building process. As General Manager for American Masonry Supply, Bill oversees all aspects of operations. His commitment to excellence reflects in the unwavering precision of the end product American Masonry Supply's customers demand.

Bill loves being outside and has a heart for mission work. He has been on trips to Guatemala and Brazil, and works locally in a prison ministry called Behind The Walls. Bill's faith in Jesus Chirst is #1 and his basic hope and desire is to share that with others, and to be a committed husband and father.

Mark MartinSales Representative

Cell: 817-825-8325
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mark began his career after studying business and working in the real estate industry. He spent 16 years working as a home builder, fielding calls and managing projects from initial concept and sketch ups through the design and permitting process and on the final construction.

Mark's relationship with American Masonry Supply began as a top client of the company.  He respected their work ethic, loved the quality of workmanship, and valued AMS's commitment to helping him complete his projects on time, on budget, and to the complete satisfaction of his customers. By joining AMS, Mark was able to focus on one of his favorite elements of the construction process – masonry design and installation.

"AMS clients, particularly our returning clients, know what they like and they know how we are going to help them achieve their design plans with quality and efficiency."

Mark's 18 years of cast stone and ornamental plaster sales and management allows him to facilitate projects for clients from start to finish – from initial input through the design process, project quotes and approvals through production and finish out. Mark's many years of experience as a builder allow him to anticipate client needs as well as avoid pitfalls and quickly troubleshoot and resolve any issues that might arise during a project.

Mark loves that DFW is an all-in-one area for shopping, sports, entertainment, and outings. If he weren't working as VP at AMS, he feels he'd still be active in the real estate world. Additionally he'd make lots of time for travelling, and playing golf. As a college baseball player for Navarro College, Mark feels his experience as an athlete contributes to his work ethic at AMS along with a competitive spirit that thrives on besting any possible rivals in their industry. He enjoys the creativity and flexibility involved in AMS's production oriented business. His favorite motto is "Common sense – if it starts to get complicated, stop and start over!"

Marc AhrensSales Representative

Cell: 817-822-3261
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Marc Ahrens is a leading sales representative in the cast stone industry, specializing in residential construction.

Marc was born in Wichita KS. and lived in various parts of the U.S. until high school. He went to high school overseas in Papua New Guinea and graduated from Ukarumpa High School in 1985. From there he went to a year of Bible School in B.C. Canada, and then made the move to the great state of Texas. Once in Texas, he attended University of Texas at Arlington and graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

During his college years, Marc worked for UPS part time and later as a full time driver. During the summers, to help pay for school, he also worked for a local mason on his brick crew. After graduation it was Marc’s desire to put his college education to work, so he went to work for a local homebuilder as a construction superintendent, and designed homes in his spare time. Marc was married to Stephanie in 1998 and has two children, whom he adores. He started out building homes for first time homebuyers, and eventually worked his way into the luxury custom home market. It was there that he first met Sam Shipley, the owner of American Masonry Supply. Through the working relationship developed by Marc and Sam, a mutual respect was formed. Eventually Marc came to work for American Masonry Supply in Sept. of 2002.

"I love helping my clients see their dream come to reality."

Marc has been at his current position as a Sales Representative for American Masonry Supply ever since he was hired by Sam Shipley in 2002. He oversees every aspect of a customer’s orders, from the initial bid to the final payment. There are many times that Marc gets to use his Architectural design skills and extensive construction background to help a customer get the exact look and feel they are looking for. A custom home should reflect the personality or desire of the new homeowner. Marc takes the time to make sure each person gets exactly what they want. He works hand in hand with Architects, Builders and homeowners alike to ensure that the finished product is what the architect and homeowner want, can be built, and still have the desired finished look.

Jesse MendozaAutoCAD Expert

Jesse Mendoza studied architecture at the University of Texas at Arlington, where he became proficient in Auto CAD. Jesse has been a part of the American Masonry Supply team since 2001. He was attracted to this job because it gives him the opportunity to design, and it included being creatively involved in bringing a project to a higher place, including providing balance between the technical needs and the aesthetics.

AMS gets project designs from architects or homebuilders that are very basic. Jesse uses his knowledge of architecture to help ensure that the project is well proportioned and we take basic designs one step further and embellish them while keeping to the standards of the original design, intents, and constraints. Frequently clients want something more ornate than initially provided by an architect. Jesse helps ensure that the overall final design is harmonious and balanced, assuring that the proportions and embellishments are architecturally correct.

"I love being a part of the design process. The creativity process and love for architecture is a passion of mine."

Jesse's work involves assisting the sales team in providing design consultations, both in-house and in the field. He enjoys working with clients that know what they want and where they want the project to go and assisting in mapping out the project specifications.

Jesse hopes to be able to travel the world, visiting Europe and it’s old architectural sites.

Jesse values his fellow employees at AMS, their integrity and camaraderie. He also value the diverse set of projects that come through the door, many of which are custom projects that are technically difficult – these projects constantly challenge him to grow and to up his game.