Jesse MendozaAutoCAD Expert

Jesse Mendoza studied architecture at the University of Texas at Arlington, where he became proficient in Auto CAD. Jesse has been a part of the American Masonry Supply team since 2001. He was attracted to this job because it gives him the opportunity to design, and it included being creatively involved in bringing a project to a higher place, including providing balance between the technical needs and the aesthetics.

AMS gets project designs from architects or homebuilders that are very basic. Jesse uses his knowledge of architecture to help ensure that the project is well proportioned and we take basic designs one step further and embellish them while keeping to the standards of the original design, intents, and constraints. Frequently clients want something more ornate than initially provided by an architect. Jesse helps ensure that the overall final design is harmonious and balanced, assuring that the proportions and embellishments are architecturally correct.

"I love being a part of the design process. The creativity process and love for architecture is a passion of mine."

Jesse's work involves assisting the sales team in providing design consultations, both in-house and in the field. He enjoys working with clients that know what they want and where they want the project to go and assisting in mapping out the project specifications.

Jesse hopes to be able to travel the world, visiting Europe and it’s old architectural sites.

Jesse values his fellow employees at AMS, their integrity and camaraderie. He also value the diverse set of projects that come through the door, many of which are custom projects that are technically difficult – these projects constantly challenge him to grow and to up his game.