Cast stone and plaster mantels designed by AMS are the perfect accent for any home design.  AMS has designed thousands of unique cast stone fireplace mantel designs, as well as plaster fireplace mantels since 1986.  All cast stone mantels are made of 100% solid AMS cast stone or plaster. With an extensive collection of cast stone moulds, AMS can create a cast stone or plaster masterpiece for your custom home that will have a uniqueness everyone will admire.  All of our cast stone fireplace mantels are designed to fit your custom dimensions, typically at no additional charge.  Cast stone mantels are available in all cast stone colors and finishes. Plaster fireplace mantles and cast stone mantels are sold unfinished.

AMS would like to thank our customers for their support and for sharing their cast stone mantel project photographs with us so we may feature them in this cast stone mantel gallery for your enjoyment.


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