GFRC & Resin Moldings

Resin Ceiling Relief

Resin moldings manufactured by AMS, Inc. are used in a wide variety of places throughout a custom home. Our decorative banding can be used in kitchens, baths, or in media rooms. Some of our products include rosettes, decorative, filigrees, cameos, window and door trim, ceiling patterns, lion heads, ornamental banding, appliques, and more. Typical applications for our flex resin include finish trim for windows and doors on a radius wall. Flex resin installs on a radius wall with ease. If we do not carry your exact style we can make a custom mold for you at a minimal charge.American Masonry Supply, Inc - The finest decorative resin reliefs available in flex resin, and rigid resin. Flex resin is great for trimming out a radius wall.