Q: What is cast stone?

A: Cast stone is a refined architectural concrete manufactured to simulate natural cut stone using cement and binding agents. It can be made from white and or grey cement, carefully selected crushed stone, natural sands, or well graded gravels.

Q: What is the difference between cast stone and natural cut stone?

A: Cast stone is formed by using fine or coarse aggregates such as natural sands, portland cement, limestone, marble, and coloring pigments.

Q: How is cast stone made?

A:AMS. INC uses a dry pour process. This means aggregates are mixed with portland and then dry tampered into moulds to form its profiles.

Q: How durable is cast stone?

A: Cast stone is rated on a scale known as psi or pressure per square inch. Cast stone that is manufactured to reach it's highest quality is at an average of 6500 psi and will withstand natural elements for up to 135 years.

Q: How well does cast stone wear?

A: It ages gracefully like a quarried stone. Cast stone does not wear out, but sealing and proper cleaning will insure a long lasting aesthetic value.

Q: Who will install my cast stone?

A: A masonry contractor often installs it.

Q: Can I create my own design?

A: We have the ability to create almost any design. We also have many moulds that have been created for past jobs in our library for future use.

Q: What colors are available in cast stone?

A: Our colors can be viewed on our color chart listed on the left side legend of our home page. Choices are not limited to these colors. We can match colors provide to us.

Q: Can you match a custom color for my cast stone?

A: Yes. The ingredients, such as sand. Are available in a wide variety and are mixed to match a certain color.

Q: Can cast stone be painted and/or stained?

A: Cast stone can be finished, stained or painted by many techniques. One common technique is acid stains.

Q: Can cast stone be made to look antiqued or distressed?

A: We have several different options for antiquing and distressing cast stone. Please contact one of our salesman to further investigate this subject.

Q: Does cast stone need to be sealed and/or waterproofed?

A: The use of a sealer is encouraged to prevent staining that can have a visible effect on the product. Please contact an AMS salesman for more specific information.

Q: How do I maintain and/or clean my cast stone?

A: Resealing and cleaning on an "as needed" basis will ensure the longevity of the cast stone product.

Q: How is ornamental plaster made?

A: Our plaster products are made by pouring #1 moulding plaster into urethane rubber moulds .

Q: How long will my ornamental plaster products last?

A: If properly cared for it will last for an infinite amount of time.

Q: Can Ornamental Plaster be painted or stained?

A: It can be painted with either latex or oil based paints.

Q: Can I clean my ornamental plaster?

A: Once it is painted it may be cleaned with the same products used on wood trim.

Q: Do I need to seal my ornamental plaster products?

A: Plaster should be primed with a standard drywall primer.

Q: Who will install my ornamental plaster products?

A: Highly trained employees of AMS will install plaster products.

Q: What is the durability of resin?

A: It is similar to wood.

Q: Where can I use decorative resin products?

A: It can be used for interior and exterior decoration.

Q: When should I consider not using resin products?

A: Never.

Q: Is it possible to customize the design of a decorative resin piece?

A: We can create almost any resin design requested.

Q: Will resin crack or break when exposed to extreme temperatures?

A: Once it is painted, it will weather very well.

Q: Can decorative resin pieces be painted or stained?

A: Yes.

Q: Who installs decorative resin pieces?

A: Carpenters and trim contractors.

Q: How do I place an order?

A: Please call 1-800-695-1800 and talk with one of our salesmen to place an order.

Q: Can I get a quote from your website?

A: Please call 1-800-695-1800 and ask for one of our salesmen who would be more than happy to help you with any orders or questions.

Q: Who will take measurements for my order?

A: You may supply them yourself or one of our salesmen will come out to the job site to measure.

Q: Will I get detailed drawings before my order is placed?

A: All drawings are sent to the customer for approval before production of the product is to begin.

Q: How long does it take to receive an order?

A: This may vary depending on the size of the order or the time of the year (as spring and summer are our busiest times.

Q: Can I return my order if for some reason I do not want the order after it has been delivered?

A: Customers reserve the right to change an order or design. Once the product is installed it is considered the sole responsibility of the customer. No returns are accepted.

Q: How will I receive my order?

A: Either by our AMS trucks or an outside company(if the product is going cross-country). The product will arrive on pallets or in wooden crates (shrink-wrapped for safety protection).

Q: What paperwork will come with my order?

A: A packing slip to inform the customer of what is on the pallet, and the same drawing that was faxed to the customer for approval.