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Cast stone manufactured by AMS is always of the highest quality. AMS Inc. is known for high-quality architectural elements, superior designs, and excellent customer service. We pledge to "Give our clients more than they expect." Whether your project is the entire front elevation, a gazebo, or a library, we will work with you to add that finishing touch to your plans that suits your needs and fulfills your wishes.

AMS Inc. offers a variety of custom molding, cast stone mantels, and other ornamental designs . Our product offering has a variety of architectural features, molding styles and detailing, and we are confident you can find just the right architectural elements and style to fit your home.

We have designed entries, dining rooms and window treatments for many residential projects around the country.  We would like the opportunity to work with you to accentuate the living spaces that you will enjoy for many years to come.

To better serve you, our Cast stone Showroom and Design Center is available by appointment at:

3500 Avenue E East
Arlington, TX 76011
Phone: 817-695-1800
Toll Free 800-411-6475

Showroom Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

Mantels Featured in our showroom include:

Cast Stone Mantel FP-002-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-004-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-005-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-006-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-010-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-011-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-012-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-013-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-15-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-019-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-025-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-027-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-027T-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-028-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-031-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-033-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-034-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-035-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-037-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-039-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-040-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-041T-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-044-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-045-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-051-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-052-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-066-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-067-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-071-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-073-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-076-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-080-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-081-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-083-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-084-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-085-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-086-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-087-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-088-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-092T-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-104-CSCast Stone Mantel FP-109-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-135-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-144-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-160-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-161-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-163T-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-164-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-165-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-167T-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-168-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-169-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-300-CS, Cast Stone Mantel FP-330-CS

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American Masonry Supply, Inc.
American Masonry Supply, Inc.
AMS Showroom & Design Center
AMS Showroom & Design Center
AMS Showroom & Design Center 2
AMS Showroom & Design Center 2
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AMS Showroom & Design Center 3
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AMS Showroom & Design Center 4
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AMS Showroom & Design Center 5
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